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Web Development Services

What is RentSEO Ltd
RentSEO Ltd is an online business development firm offering businesses a managed online solution and implementation of an online infrastructure. The goal of RentSEO is to remove the need for dealing with lots of third parties so all online stuff is centralised and managed under one roof. The benefits of this mean you can trust one firm (RentSEO) to ensure constant consistency without needing to recall who deals with what with your online presence.

Ownership of websites
RentSEO offers a unique opportunity for businesses which reduces costs, time, and obligations. Unless stated otherwise via email by a RentSEO representative; RentSEO owns all websites including domain names if purchased by RentSEO. If text, graphics, and extras are provided by the client, they own this. If it’s provided by RentSEO, RentSEO own it. Under no circumstance, phone conversation or in-person meetings does the client ever own the websites provided by RentSEO unless stated via email.

There might be times when additional integrations may be required for the client’s website. These integrations must be paid for by the client before any integration is made. Sometimes it can be a yearly/monthly/weekly payment obligation which must be covered by the client. The client does not own these integrations if the client is in our website rental scheme. RentSEO is entitled to showcase any website they develop unless specifically asked not to showcase it of which additional charges may be charged.

Marketing of websites
The client can market the website in any way they deem appropriate unless black hat methods have been used. If black hat methods have been used, RentSEO has the right to immediately take the website down without notice, and no refunds will be granted. RentSEO will also charge a penalty fee due to the damage coursed starting from £200+. Until the penalty fine has been paid, no further work or correspondence will be made. For more information about Black Hat Methods please click here

Obligations of rentseo
The obligations of RentSEO is to ensure the services provided are fully functional at all times. RentSEO manages your websites and other projects with ease. The purpose of RentSEO is to make the client’s life easier. If this is not been done than potential refunds may be contemplated. If

  • information is not provided by the client when asked by RentSEO,
  • if the information is not provided in an acceptable time period (1-2 days),
  • If Information has not been provided or stated accurately
    than RentSEO has the right to reschedule work until the information has been provided at an acceptable level. RentSEO also has the right to resign at any point with no refunds given if the client is making it difficult to do the job at hand.

Unless information has been written via email or letter, no phone conversations will be acted on. Phone conversations can be misinterpreted or potentially confusing, having clear written instructions is the only way we can ensure accuracy on our performance.

Obligations of client
The obligations of clients of RentSEO is:

  • provide clear instructions via email
  • provide all information which has been asked for in an easy, collated format.
  • provide all information in an acceptable time frame of information being asked for (1-2 days).
  • If information cannot be provided in the time frame above, written explanations via email must be made to RentSEO
  • payment must be made at the beginning of each calendar month.

If any of the above points have been broken by the client, RentSEO holds full rights to cut services with no refunds.

Clients are only entitled to a refund when the “Obligations of RentSEO” have not been met and the “Obligations of a client” have been met. Please see sections above.

Definition of middleman management
The definition of middleman management is “an intermediary or agent between two parties; especially: a dealer, agent, or company intermediate between the producer of goods and the retailer or consumer. ”

Terms of middleman management
RentSEO Ltd has a database of high performing freelancers who are managed by RentSEO. Their information is 100% confidential and will not be released to the client under any circumstances for the following reasons:

– RentSEO will not risk the client bypassing us.
– RentSEO will not risk losing our freelancers due to harassment from our clients.

No matter what the circumstances are, no refunds will be made for middleman management offers.

Obligations of middleman management
RentSEO’s obligation is the same as “Obligations of RentSEO” section. Please refer to the section for more information.

Refunds for middleman management
No refunds for middleman management will be made under any circumstance.

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