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Websites are a crucial part of any business. It is the focal point of where your customers will find you and how they will contact you, meaning you want to ensure that every part of your website will be engaging, encouraging, trustworthy, and easy to navigate. Sites can be confusing and overwhelming, but we simplify the whole process and use tools like Elementor to make it easy for our customers to take full control.

The Benefits Of Using Elementor

State of the art software

Elementor is one of the leading drag and drop WordPress plugins in today's web development and web design market. Most web development firms tend to stay where they are and fear tools like Elementor, not RentSEO. We embrace these softwares and become experts using these tools.

Unlimited Resources

A big part of being a web developer is being part of a developer community. The larger the community, the more resources you can have such as video training and fast responses from other people. Elementor has a vast developer community with everyday people using this tool to build websites. If for whatever reason you decide to leave us, with some learning you can quickly jump into Elementor and learn the ropes.

Faster Turn Around

With Elementor it's possible to have a standard 6-page website up and running within seven working days making it possible to start generating leads online for your business on day 8!

The average human attention span has declined from 12 seconds in the year 2000 to 8 seconds now. This is much shorter than the attention span of a goldfish (at 9 seconds).

Our Elementor Website Building Process

Step 1: Elementor Website Fact Find

This may seem a daunting process for the client, but we have created state of the art software which focuses on this one thing. We have a super interactive online form which will ask and guide you all the way while collecting the information we need.

This can be filled out on your desktop, tablet and even your phone. As long as you know how to use your keyboard, there is no technical logins or skills needed to complete this.

Once this website fact find form has been completed, you will receive a copy of this with all your comments and we will as well. We will analyse the form and notify you with the next step actions.

Step 2: Analysing & Research

One of the biggest mistakes web developers do when building a Elementor Wordpress site is not researching properly. Once step one has been completed, we analyse your competitors, and we investigate which of your competitors are performing best online. We look at why they are doing well.

By doing this it allows us to jump in front of all the other sites which have not done their research. This gives your business a fighting chance of getting seen faster and planting a solid foundation for your website to scale in the Google rankings.

Step 3: Website Design & Development

Our biggest USP is, we get it, we get you, we get what you want to achieve. Every business is good (we hope) at what they do, when you go to a professional, you expect them to tell you what you need and then go ahead and get it sorted for you. The minute the professional starts asking you how or why you should walk away.

RentSEO has been building websites for over 5+ years. RentSEO will guide, suggest and start development. Once the design has been completed, you will receive a private link to view on your device.

If you are not happy with the development (highly unlikely), we will work together to get the website in perfect standing.

What Type of Elementor Services Do We Offer?

Almost anything is possible with Elementor. If It's possible with Elementor, we can do it for you.

  • It’s very easy for our clients to update their own websites. You absolutely need access and control over your website, so this is important.

What do I get with the RentSEO Elementor website?

Original and carefully designed 6-page website
Perfectly optimised design and layout built to be loved by Google
Built on the 5 star CRM platform, Wordpress
Responsive and mobile friendly meaning it will look great on all devices
Ready to go blog to enhance your website and business image
Royalty free images
Calls to action on every page, optimised for conversions
High-speed hosting
SSL certificate purchased and installed when hosting on our servers
Ongoing maintenance and management
Weekly backups

What's not included with our Wordpress websites

How much will a Elementor website cost me?

How long does it take?

How much involvement do I have in the design?

Send us a message

Our nerds are always happy to have a conversation on the phone. Investing in these services is a big step for any business no matter the size so we will be sure to answer any questions you may have.

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