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Web Development Services

Danielle Amos

To create a bespoke eCommerce website for a hairdressing brand offering hair, nail, and extension services.

Danielle Amos came to us with a history of web developers claiming they can take her business to the next level but sadly never delivered. Danielle was extremely pleased after our first attempt of bringing her website to life. Danielle’s words to us were “I feel like you just get my business”. RentSEO handled all website planning from scratch.

Bringing out the beauty of every business online.
Predominantly female audience designed for mobile.

Listening carefully to Danielle’s creative ideas was more than enough to raise the bar in the hairdressing community. Implementing creative button hovers, image sliders, payment systems, and overlay navigations allowed the website to engage users on a new level. Danielle’s services are not cheap, but the quality of the cut she provides is second to none. Ensuring her website looks and feels the part is an absolute must for the psychology of people paying high ticket prices.