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How many customers are you losing?

Hi there,

Marty here from RentSEO. If you’re an e-commerce owner selling your goods online, you may have noticed a bizarre pattern of what potential customers do.

Have you noticed customers will start the checkout stage of your website and then drop off last second? If you have, you are not alone.

Back in my dropshipping days (selling other peoples products and letting them ship it out) we noticed we were losing around £400+ a week in sales due to this weird last minute drop off. I started questioning why on earth this was happening and how I can stop these customers from abandoning cart last minute!

I started researching why customers abandoned the cart and discovered I was not alone. Its a common problem with online stores. You see people will often be browsing your stores when they are at work, on public transport, in school and even when they are on the toilet. They will see something they like and then all of a sudden they will be interrupted and forget about you. So frustrating!

I asked myself what I can do to remind them about my product they were so close to buying?

Once I realised the problem and understood the way my customers browse, shop, and buy, I quickly learned how to recover that order.


I’m not talking about newsletters and updates; I’m talking about abandoned cart emails. Emails which are sent 10 minutes after they have left the site. Something on the lines of “Oh no! Did something happen?”.

These reminder emails can be very powerful and often will bring the customer back.

How Can RentSEO Help With Bringing Your Customers Back

We can offer abandonment cart service and run them for a set monthly fee + % of sales we bring back for you.

How does this work

When a customer enters information on checkout, the system captures that information. We will create & send an email to them reminding them about the product. If the customer comes back and buys, we will take a % of the sale. Depending on the order quantity your store is taking every month varies on the cost. (Please see pricing plans below)

An example of this is:

Orders Per Month Standard Monthly Fee+ (%Sales)
0 – 50 £50.00 + 10%(Gross Sales)
50 – 150 £80.00 + 9%(Gross Sales)
150 – 300 £110.00 + 8%(Gros Sales)
300 – 800 £250 + 6.5%(Gross Sales)
800 – 2000 £450 + 5%(Gross Sales)
2000 – 5000 £850 + 3% (Gross Sales)
5000+ To be discussed

How do I work out which pricing plan I fall into?

If you are curious at about which pricing plan you fall into ask your self:

1) How many orders are taking place on my website per month?

If you are a RentSEO client, you can do this by going into your admin dashboard and doing the following:
1) Hover over Woocommerce menu tab and select “reports.”
2) Click on “Orders”
3) Select “Last Month”
4) Scroll down, and on the left, you will see “X orders placed”

Take that figure and compare it with our “orders per month” pricing plan above. If your orders per month are 68, you will fit into the “50-150” orders per month category, and your pricing will be £80.00pm + 9% of gross sales we bring back for you.

We will set up an automatic DD each month for the standard monthly fee and then invoice you at the beginning of each month the % of sales we have brought back for you.

Note: We only invoice for the sales we have recovered for your business, not for the total sales your business takes.

What will happen if I have more or less orders than my pricing plan

In business, we understand you can have REALLY good months and REALLY bad months. This is why we allow three months of consistency to determine if we should move your package up or move it down. We do not tie you into any contracts so if you want to move the package down or up, you can do at no extra cost.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions feel free to send me a message at marty@rentseo.co.uk

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