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Do you know why a website is important?

What is a website?

A website can be a million things. It can be a shop window, it can be an information resource, it can be a business card, it can a crm system for your clients or your staff… It can be everything and anything.

If you want a simply techy answer – a website is a huge folder of lots of files containing all relevant information about your business or what you want people to know which is uploaded online for anyone to see.

Are you this caller in the story?

I work with small businesses in developing their business every single day and are constantly amazed at how little they know about the online world and the importance of having a website or somewhere for a customer to reach out to them on the web.

The other week I received a phone call asking if we can create a Facebook page for them. Here is how the conversation went:

Caller: Hi, are you able to build me a Facebook page?

Marty: Of course we can! Ermm.. Out of curiosity, why do you specifically want a Facebook page?

Caller: Someone I know told me my business should be on Facebook and everyone else is doing it…

Marty: Okay, I agree every business should be on social media & everyone is doing it BUT once the Facebook page has been created what do you plan on doing with it?

Caller: I don’t understand.

Marty: The point of having a Facebook page is to engage with people and offer valuable information that only professionals like yourself can give. Have you considered what sort of things you will be sharing with people?

Caller: Oh… Errmm no, not really. Sounds like a lot of work.

Marty: That’s okay. It is a lot of work as one of the core things that make’s a successful Facebook page is consistency and engaging with people.

Caller: Well, I guess I can do it in the evenings and maybe get one of my staff or someone to do it.

Marty: That is a good idea. What are you going to do to get your content in front of people on Facebook?

Caller: What do you mean? I thought once you post on Facebook everyone sees it.

Marty: That’s very true! Well, not really. What you post on Facebook will only be seen by people who have liked your page. However, your page will be a brand new page. Know one will know you exist online, therefore, your content won’t be seen…

Caller: Oh… Ermm.. Well I guess I could ask my family and friends to like and maybe share my page?

Marty: That is a fantastic idea! It will 100% give you a boost and get you a few likes. But, will you’re friends & family be buying from you and will they be liking and sharing your content everyday multiple times a day?

I will not finish this conversation story off as it turned into an hour conversation.

What did you notice about this story? This caller did not do any research – I could have easily charged him £59.99 to design a fully optimized Facebook page BUT if my customers do not benefit from it, what is the point? I call this bad business.

The conversation above is exactly what Rentseo do. Yes we build websites, yes we offer social media marketing, but more importantly, we guide you and actually present what you really need.

Let’s go back to why a typical small business owner would need a website.

The 3 core things every business needs according to my father (p.s its not a website…)

My father always tell’s me there are three main aspects of a business that keeps a business running; Sales, product, and administration. He says, if you ever need to be good in only one area of those three, make sure it’s in sales. A website is no different.

Having a website is like having another business. You need a
– web developer to manage it,
– you need the product to show,
– and you need a way to get people to your website.

If you are currently thinking about purchasing a website, have you considered these things? Having a website with no way of getting people to your website is the same as having a shop in the middle of a dessert. No one is gonna see it.


These statistics of the online world will open your eyes

Did you know according to internetworldstats.com in 2017 it has been recorded that 7,000,028,970 people use the internet every day? The current world population is 7,510,134,520 according to worldometers.info

In theory, we have access to the world simply by being online. Even without marketing your website the chances of getting passive people viewing your site is still huge. Knowing this, why are you not online yet? How long will it take you to knock on 7,000,028,970 doors? Should we say lifetimes…

Our shameful selling bit (note this is where we sell you something).

Having a website used to be a luxury but now it’s a necessity. The world is plugged in which means so are your customers, people do not want to pick up the phone – they all think its PPI claims or automated robots. When I see a number calling me that I’ve never seen before, I get agitated because I think it is a company trying to sell me something who I have never heard of.

The reality is you need to be online. It can be daunting getting online and starting your first proper website. This is where we come in, we can set you up with a professional website. We will then guide you on what to do next whilst holding your virtual hand.

To start, we recommend starting with our custom built rental website – £14.99pm

Good luck 🙂

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