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3 Mega Advantages of a Email Signature

In this article I want to share with you the 3 mega advantages of owning a creative email signature design for your email and how it creates 5280 more opportunities for my business each year.

Have you ever measured how many emails you send out a day? What about the amount of people working for you and how many they send out every day? I did. I worked out I was sending 22 emails per day, 5 days per week, totalling 110 emails per week, 440 emails per month, and 5280 emails per year!

I realised thats 5280 missed opportunities every year Im throwing away. When I say opportunity, it can be leaving a review to boost your website rankings, up-selling additional products, or creating a stronger brand.

I was livid. Here is what i noticed after trial and error of different designed and informative email signatures.

1)Keeping your email signature simple

The old saying; Less is more, is definitely something to consider whilst creating your perfect email signature: here is why.

Email providers use dated tech. It’s mad, but they do. Every email signature is created with something called HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language) and CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) both of these are also known as, code.

Alot of businesses start off wanting a mind blowing email signature but thats not always best and alot of the time going to cause you problems because, the crazier a email signature is, the more code is required, and the more code you put in, the heavier and more complex it becomes. Like I mentioned earlier, email providers use dated tech so they wont be able to render the code in your signature.

Another thing to consider is the sort of webmail you use. If you access your email via a browser like chrome or firefox, you will be able to have a more complicated email signature. If you access your emails via a desktop application like outlook 2010 or similar applications you will need something really simple which requires a very simple structure.

In my experience, the best sort of email signatures are something like these:

User-uploaded image: 3.png

Can you see the similarities of these three email signatures?
If you can, skip to the 2nd Mega Advantages of a Email Signature point below, if cant, keep reading.

The three email signatures above each only have two columns. On the left, a logo/profile image and on the right, general contact details.

Simple, less code, and clean. What more do you want from a signature?

2) Place CTA’s (Call To Actions) in Your Email Signature

How many times have you wanted to ask your client or prospect to either leave you a review or check out your other services, but you didn’t want to impose or seem eager. Email signatures are the perfect subtle way of getting that message infront of them without feeling awkward about it or making them feel agitated.

By placing a subtle message in your email signature like “How did I do? Please leave a review here(link)” or “have you seen our latest service? click here”, you are sure to to get them clicking to the things you often want to show them the most.

The best thing about email signatures is once you have applied it in your email settings, it automatically gets added to the bottom of every email you send, so you will never need to worry about forgetting to add these simple but vital pieces of information.

Lets face it, the less you need to do, the happier we all are.

3) Email Signatures Make You And Your Firm Look Professional

There is something about seeing people use email signatures which add a real gloss factor to a email. Im not sure why, but I found I received a better reply from prospects when my email contains a signature.

Maybe it’s the consistency, maybe it shows you have gone out of your way to apply a email signature therefore making you seem like you care more for your online presence. Or, it’s most likely both.

Alot of people believe you need to be a business to have a email signature but that is a common myth and anyone who cares about having a strong, visual, effective presence should have them. Freelancers, individuals, and of course, businesses.

So, if you dont have one yet, click here and get one for £20. It’s a tiny investment for such large rewards. You’ll appreciate it when you get your first prospect signing up or asking for more info.

If you want to create a email signature yourself click here

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