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Marty Englander | Founder

Welcome to my website. If you’re looking for someone to hold your virtual hand through your journey online feel free to send me a message.

Things I enjoy doing

This year over 17,000 people have watched our videos on Youtube.

50,000 minutes have been watched. That's 833 hours. Thats 34 days of watch time.

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Want to know why people watch our videos?
It's because we offer outstanding value in everything we do.

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What we do.

Our Expert Nerds start you with a Mind Blowing WordPress Site

We will take you beyond your industry *average designed* website. Our nerds deliver innovative, creative, and Intelligent designs thinking about your customers every step of the way. Match that with all in one management service and your business will be unstoppable. Select a plan, then sit back while we get our nerd on.

Web Design

It goes without saying that your website needs to stand out amongst your compeition. That’s why we wont stop until we exceed your expectations and provide the best quality and user experience possible.

Website Maintenance

Ongoing support from a team of nerds who fully understand the fast advancements of online. Our nerds will update and manage your site for you.

Hosting & Support

We provide super fast hosting for every website we provide your business with. Speedy sites are a must these days, without them Google will not like you.


Showcase and sell your products online with a fully functional and easy to use ecommerce site which will be loved by Google and your customers.

Next Step Plans

It’s not enough having a website. You also need to be looking into the future and figuring out the best steps to take for your business. We will help you with this from the start.

Hardcore Analytics

Being online is all about analytics. We integrate hardcore statistics which will allow us to see where your traffic and conversions are coming from. Knowing this information is the first step to success.

Here is what working with RentSEO looks like...



Website Fact Find Stage

Once you have contacted us we will send you a link which will launch a interactive website fact find form. This process should take no more than 20 minutes to complete.

Review & Quote Stage

We never want to risk over or under quoting our customers. Unlike many other firms where they offer a one price fits all service, it really should not work that way. Every business needs to be cared for properly so we want to make sure your information is properly analysed so you are getting the most for your money.



Build, Feedback & Launch

We will build your site to your specs and offer ongoing support. We will use the feedback you provide (if any) to improve the site. Once all parties are happy, your site is launched and ready to start converting your visitors.

Accounts Direct.

Accounts Direct is an Accountancy and Bookkeeping firm based in Maldon. For over 30 years they have been providing national services for small prices and focusing on helping and developing small/medium sized businesses. Our goal was to digitise there brand by designing a new online presence to showcase how brilliant the brand is.

Oh! Crumbs Home Bakes

Oh Crumbs Home Bakes came to us when they first started expanding in Bury. They now provide a wide range of childrens cooking classes across Bury with automated booking software and follow up systems. Our goal was to give them a young feeling & something parents would feel confident navigating through style website they can be proud of and be able to relate to the demographics.

Danielle Amos.

Danielle Amos is a fast growing hair salon based in Bolton. With true knowledge of hair, there customers very quickly understand why they will never need to use another hair salon. Danielle came to us with frustration from other developers who just “didnt get her brand”. Our goal was to design a website which reflects the same quality she provides to her customers.

More than just website design*

RentSEO is a website design company based in the thriving city of Maldon on the outskirts of the city center. We’ve got years of experience in designing, developing, creating, maintaining, guiding and original websites, which is the reason why our clients love us and what we do for them.

Maldon is an incredible city. Every day, more and more businesses are looking to develop themselves in Maldon. RentSEO website design is proud to be an original web design company in Maldon – we want to make big changes to your business, we want to make big changes to your website.

Whether you’re looking for a sleek and straight to the point business website or a fully responsive e-commerce website with the wow factor, we have your back.

We will be with you every step of the way ensuring your goals, values, and budget all stay on track.